Established by the Gila River Indian Community (“Gila River”), Lone Butte Development L.L.C ("Lone Butte"), formerly known as the “Pima Chandler Industrial Park” in November 1966. Gila River organized Lone Butte to manage and operate the park for economic development. The Lone Butte Development Park is located within the Gila River Indian Community Reservation. Gila River is a federally recognized reservation comprised of two (2) Tribes, the Pima and Maricopa.

Lone Butte has managed the Lone Butte Development Park for over 50 years and has been successful in attracting numerous companies into the park and has consistently provided income and employment to the Community. Lone Butte has had great success in accommodating tenants on a long-term basis as well as short-term. Companies such as, Pima Valve is a company that is located within the Park that has been a part of the Lone Butte Corporation since 1967 and is still with us today.

The opportunities available in the Lone Butte Development Park are highlighted by its proximity to the metropolitan Phoenix and Chandler growth areas.  Maricopa County boasts one of the fastest growth rates in the country.  New business and industry are attracted to the valley area by the appealing business opportunity/climate, the fact that the valley is a major distribution center for the southwest, and the pleasant, warm and sunny year round weather.  Lone Butte is easy access can be made attributable to the major Interstate Freeways I-10 and Route 202. Combine these advantages with a virtually unlimited labor pool of both Indian and non-Indian workers and other advantages of locating a business in the Lone Butte Park becomes apparent.

All major utilities including electricity, telephone/communications providers are conveniently located within the Lone Butte Development Park. Lone Butte owns and operates its own water system, and maintains its own roadways.

Lone Butte looks forward to continuing its success and welcomes new tenants and economically friendly projects that understand Lone Butte's outlook on leasing to respect the Tribal Land of the Gila River Indian Community, its sovereignty and cultural practices.

Lone Butte has its own leasing process and works in conjunction with various Gila River Tribal Departments including Gila River Land Use Planning & Zoning, Gila River Department of Transportation, Gila River Tribal Employment Rights Office and Gila River Department of Environmental Quality to name a few that will ensure compliance with the Gila River Tribal Laws and Ordinances.

Additional advantages are available to all clients locating in the Lone Butte Development Park, as well as savings in utility costs, and available labor force and the close proximity of Gila River Indian Community Public Safety Services. Every effort will be made by the Lone Butte Development Limited Liability Corporation to assist and facilitate the requirements and needs of the clients.