Lone Butte is located on an Indian Reservation, do I have to pay property taxes?
NO, there are no property taxes on the Gila River Indian Reservation.
I plan on constructing my own building for my business, do I need to contact the city of Chandler or Maricopa County?
No, the Gila River Indian Community has its own permitting process and Building Inspectors.
Do I contact Chandler for water and sewer service?
No, Lone Butte owns and maintains its own water system.
What is an Enterprise Zone and how can it benefit me as a business owner?
To find out more about enterprise zones click HERE.
Alright, I have decided to explore the possibility of locating my business at Lone Butte, who do I contact?
Contact us at (480) 899-5280 or (520) 796-1033 to set up an appointment that is convenient to you or you can stop by our offices so we can discuss your options.